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Commercial Door & Gate In South Bay Garage Door Repair

South Bay commercial door & gate & garage door repair

Welcome to the doors and gates of AMPM South Bay, California. After more than twenty years of repair and installation of doors and gates in Southern California, we aim to provide our services to business and private customers in and around the South Bay.

AMPM Door and Gate are keen to repair and install more than 14,000 homes and hundreds of small businesses that build South Bay, California. The AMPM door is there to meet your business and housing needs, whether you are looking for a new gateway for homes or a manager of a company with a door that needs service. We can be offered on the same day for most calls, with high quality and low costs.

South Bay Garage Door Repair reviews

Customers who have changed their AMPM door and door needs have found us faster, better and cheaper than our local competitors. We are special offers for property managers and entrepreneurs. We can provide an emergency service day and night to meet their needs, doors and gates, and a full office staff to help you with questions you can answer during business hours.

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After two weeks without opening the door to my garage, I decided to compare prices and find someone to repair the garage door. I called the first one, he could not give me an estimate and told him that I needed an appointment. I called R & B South Bay garage doors at 5.35 on a Thursday and was told that I could have a technical problem within an hour.

The estimate was accurate and the technology was quick to recover and fair about what had to be replaced. My garage door broke completely and nearly fell on my car.

I called Rafael in the Garage Door R & B in South Bay and was in my house in a few hours. He had installed a new garage door the next day at a good price. Rafael was professional, friendly and above all honest.

The best customer service in San Diego! Rafael took the time to explain the different types of feather and services offered. I am impressed by the level of detail and the care with which she has answered my questions.

In short, a positive experience, it commands everyone I know. I had to repair my garage door immediately. I called and spoke with Rafael and told him that my garage door was not working properly. He noticed what was wrong in less than an hour and did an extra preventive maintenance to make sure the garage door was working for a long time.

In general, I am very satisfied and satisfied with the service and the quality of the work. Rafael is a professional and knows what he is doing. I recommend South Bay R & B garage doors for anyone who needs a garage door repair. I have returned the Kelmark design shows. I started with my love for a sedan 29 Ford.

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