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Fix Garage Door Repair St Petersburg Florida For Garage Door Opener

Where do you need a repair service for garage doors?

1. What is the scope of the project? A professional will help you with the size and estimates, but have a good idea of what you are trying to achieve will help communication.

2. How strongly do I participate in the project? Do you want professionals to do everything, or do you have the time and the ability to be part of the job?

3. Can I do parts of the project myself? Many projects, such as a do-it-yourself component, such as painting or cleaning.

4. Are the professionals I consider are licensed, connected and insured? Protect yourself first and make sure that the contractor and subcontractors have a license, bail and insurance.

best Garage Door Repair St Petersburg Fl

Ray has restored my common sense! After a leak of pipes damaged all the walls and cabinets of my kitchen and bathroom, I decided to do the demolition myself (all cabinets, most of the walls were removed).

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He had planned a series of works of little to large complexity with a local maintenance staff that did not appear. A friend of mine recommended Ray and it was the best recommendation I received.

After the damage caused by the water in an apartment that we had rented, Ray took the whole floor, repaired and tiled the entire apartment and replaced the bars. Ray has done a lot of local projects for us. Call and left message in Sat.

I called Monday morning and finished the job the same day. Very neat and tidy at work to ensure that no part of it landed on the garage floor. Very knowledgeable I would recommend. I am a member of Angie's List where I pay a fee and I find R & T Garage Doors.

I got the same day service, it was perfect, I was stuck in the garage. The fast service arrived just in time and was resolved in less than 30 minutes. I asked the help of this company to install an insulated garage door.

We plan the installation on a Friday afternoon at 17:00. They arrived on time, but I was caught in traffic for an hour. I am very happy that I met Ray and now I meet a talented, reliable and professional man who knows what he is doing. He arrived on time, he was very professional and very talented!

Brian is without a doubt the best and the most reliable contractor, we have adopted in Florida since we moved here in 2010. He has installed two separate tiles for us in our kitchen and behind the TV in our living room.

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Todd van R & T arrived on time and quickly repaired the garage door. I would recommend them to any of my friends and family and the date they gave me on the phone was correct. Garage door repair St Petersburg, Fl, a company that does what it says when it says it is very refreshing.

Bryan splattered a mud guard, a fan and a light installation and replaced our side door in our garage. He has done an excellent job. Your estimate was correct. It appeared when he said and completed it when he said.

Bryan's professionalism and craftsmanship are second to none. He converted our bathroom and kitchen and did a phenomenal job. We loved his personality and his honesty.

I bought a playground in Way fair and that was the people who had installed it. They appeared on time. I contacted during the whole process, before, during and after. They were very polite and completed the project in a timely manner.

The door to my garage was strange, so I called this company to send a technician. He found the problem quickly, repaired the chain so that it clicked properly and everything became normal again. After the appeal of my garage door was broken, I found this company online and hoped it could help.

I am so glad that I found them because they replaced them immediately and they arrived on time! Ray defends his work and always does a great job for a fair price. We have asked him to do many projects for us, and I am sure we will let him do a lot more.

He was on a buoy and he had to change rents quickly and he was so completing and fast. Professional work, punctual, competent and a pleasure to work with. Good people and good work. He has done a great job again.

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Ray's Artistic Construction is based in Clearwater and is a specialized contractor that offers excellent service and creative ideas to improve the house. Rajmond specializes in the renovation of the whole house and strives for customer satisfaction.

John spent many hours repairing the doors, and I am very pleased with how great the doors of my garage are now. I had never heard the doors so quietly!

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