Sunday, August 12, 2018

How To Sliding Patio Door Latch Repair?

Patio door latch repair, this article shows how you can replace the screen of a sliding door. When the dog, children and others try to get through the screen door, it happens. I am not sure of the cost of replacing the whole door, because ours requires not only a new canvas, but also a folded frame of the people who have passed through.

Hey, it happens to us the better. Of course it is also great! Most grate doors are removed by loosening the screws that adjust the height of the rollers on the bottom of the sliding door of the screen. Your set screw may be in a different location nearby.

Place the mesh door on a flat work surface and remove the handle. Loosen the 2 screws that connect the sides of the handle. Press the tab of the slide on the inside of the handle. The slider must be displayed.

Remove the metal latch by sliding it out of the frame. To keep the screen in place, a so-called "spline" is used. It is in a channel in the door frame and holds the screen in place. Use a screwdriver, a punch or a nail to remove a free end of the wedge channel wedge.

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Once you have a free end, go around the door and pull the old spline. You can use the spline again with your new screen if it is in good condition, but the spline is cheap, so it might be better to get a new spline. Measure both the height and the width of the outside edges of the metal frame of the door.

You have to buy a replacement screen that is at least as large. The replacement screen and the spline can be found at your hardware or hardware store. Bring your screen dimensions and your old spline.

In the spline package (top right corner) you may have a full-size chart that you can use to customize your previous spline. If you want to install a thicker screen (see below), you must use a spline that is smaller than your original thickness.

On the right is an example of the original screen. I have bought a new "Pet Proof" screen, which, as you can see, is much thicker than the original screen. The package says it is 7 times stronger than the standard screen. We have a dog and small children, so I thought this could be a good replacement screen.

It is a lot harder, but the disadvantage is that it is darker and more striking. When someone comes through the screen door, I also think that the frame or the rollers on the sliding door will probably carry the force of the force instead of tearing the screen. This is the time to replace or repair the screens on the screen door.

Mine was in pretty good condition, but it was rusty, so I dipped it in a good dose of WD-40 to loosen the rust. You can also remove the reel (each roll varies in distance) to really clean them.

The hardware stores have some of the most important roles in the name of the door, but they did not have my version, otherwise I would have replaced them. If you need to replace the swivel wheels or lock the patio door or the sliding doors, Prime-Line appears to have many spare parts.

A few healthy, jets and this roller were in action again. If you only want to lubricate the rollers and do not have to remove the rust, it is advisable to use a silicone lubricant. WD-40 because it does not attract and hold dust and dirt, as was the case with rolls. I did not have one at hand, so I only used WD-40 (not so good).

Chances are that if the door of your screen has dropped over time, it will also damage the frame, such as the frame that I had around the latch. With a flat screwdriver and pliers, I was able to repair most of the damage.

Clean the spline channel and design the new screen. You need a flat work surface, such as this plywood board in easels, or you can work on the floor. The clean the channel with the spline with denatured alcohol or use rubbing alcohol (the more I do not have, and I think it is a similar substitute for denatured alcohol).

Unfold the new screen and cut it around the outer size of the sliding door frame. Be careful not to cut too much. When you place the spline back in the channel, part of the screen is absorbed.

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