Monday, February 12, 2018

Best Plumbing Somers - The Toxic Byproduct

Best Plumbing Somers. But then an unpleasant understanding surprises him: if he does his job well, he will make money. If they buy a company, change their management and strategy, and then sell it again to make a profit, it's because they've turned it into a more efficient machine. Imagine a certain bag of grain you bought in T1 for 200 francs, then sold it a month later, in T2, for 800 francs.

In a beautiful and cheerful piece last month in Aeon Magazine, web developer James Somers reflects on the question: are programmers worth it? It's not about using the size of your bank account as a measure of moral value. When you use the handle, both parts move together and open as usual to your porch.

Web development is more like the Best Plumbing Somers industry than those of us who sit in front of two experienced mentors, I admit. It's true that we often respect big business people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, but we respect them despite the money they've earned.

More precisely, does it matter? You begin to wonder if you should feel guilty about having taken all the money from the poor Congolese, who are now (in conclusion) still poorer. Maybe the celebration is a difficult task, but we barely recognize it. In fact, the better you speculate, the more money you make.

Where the money comes from, if you throw it out the window, you will help some people, but at the same time cause an inflation that will hurt everyone else. Either double (A) everyone's bank account or double (B) the amount of food available.

If you know that the Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world, what strategy are you pursuing to do the best for your society? But if they sell it again at a loss, it is because they have taken something of value and returned it (in society) in a worse situation than when they found it.

In these and in most cases, returns reflect the amount of value created and granted to the Company.

What is better for the society?

On the one hand, you could simply deliver the money stack to the first person who comes through your window. When it comes to the pile of Francs sitting in your living room, that makes all the difference.

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Suppose you can only pass two things through the window: Francs and sacks of grain. These francs do not represent the value that has been withdrawn from the Congolese economy.

The more money you lose as you speculate, the more value you will take on the economy. But money does not represent what the economy has spared, but the intrinsic value that has contributed to it.

Look at the farmer. He sells food for the money. The point is that the money spent on consumption is toxic, destroying the value. If you feel guilty about making money, your moral compass points in the wrong direction: 180 degrees from the right.

What happens to us that we can not celebrate this? This applies to almost all asset classes and winning strategies in the modern world. He should feel uncomfortable about spending it.

For example, I could speculate that I hope I can buy it when the grain is cheap and sell it when it is expensive. Or you can try to become a market maker by offering to buy and sell crops on a small scale. Another profession could give you more valuable work.

This distinction may seem pedantic, but is very important in reality. It is reassuring that no one is forced to do business with you. With whom you trade, freely give the exchange, presumably because it is to your advantage. I cannot help but admire best plumbing Somers for that.

Emotions can not always be taken literally, and in this case their guilt is about to induce a very dangerous inference.

Each of them would give his right arm for the amount of cash he is currently accumulating in his living room with best plumbing. You will desperately want to help these people, but you are worried that there are hidden dangers in these strategies.

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