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Home Depot Classes For Children

The Home Depot Kids Workshop is a free class for kids that takes place every month in all Home Depot stores across the country. It is one of my favorite recreational activities for children and you will not want to lose it.

When a child goes to the Home Depot Children's Workshop, they receive a free project kit that can be completed during the workshop and then taken home. In addition to the free workshop and project kit, you will receive an orange apron, a success certificate and a children's commemorative brooch for a good job.

Upcoming workshops for children in the Home Depot

workshops for Home Depot Classes

The Home Depot Kids Workshop takes place every first Saturday of the month and usually starts at 9:00. Local time and takes a few hours. Your store will have all the details about the exact time. You can accompany your child at any time during the workshop course, but make sure you have enough time to complete the project.

Here is the next Home Depot Kids Workshop, just click on the link for more details and register.

Create a block calendar: On Saturday, January 6, children can take free construction lessons and build a block calendar and take home.

How to visit a Home Depot Kids Workshop?

Home Depot Classes Kids Workshop

Visit the weekly Home Depot workshops and click the Children's Workshops tab to see the next Children's Home Depot Workshop.

Click the "Register" button and locate your local Home Depot using the "Search" button in the store. Choose the store where you want to bring your child and select the day and time of the workshop.

To complete the registration, you must provide your name, e-mail address, number of participating children and their names and birthdays.

Tip: You want to sign up for the Home Depot children's workshops to make sure your child has a place and that there is enough building material for everyone. These are sometimes full quickly. So if you think that your child might like the class, you should sign up as soon as possible.

Types of workshops for children from Home Depot

Types for children Home Depot Classes

Projects in the Home Depot children's workshop in the past included fire trucks, aviaries, picture frames, tool boxes, mail organizers, racing cars, and planters, to name but a few.

The projects in the Home Depot children's workshop are excellent for children who can complete and take them home.

Restrictions on the Home Depot Kids Workshop

Restrictions on the Home Depot Classes Kids

The Home Depot Kids Workshop is suitable for children from 5 to 12 years old. An adult must stay with the child throughout the Home Depot Kids Workshop.

The project kits are only available while supplies last.

Home Depot free workshops for mom and dad

Home Depot Classes for mom and dad

Home Depot stores not only offer free workshops for children, they also have some free workshops for adults.

Visit the "Do it yourself" workshops and you will find a list of workshops in your local Home Depot. This includes a variety of workshops to learn how to repair the house, how to install a toilet or repair a door lock, how to design workshops, where to learn how to build something for your home.

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