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Choosing Home Depot Equipment Rental

Whether you're building a home, improving your current home, or cleaning, Home Depot Equipment Rental is without a doubt a reference you can count on. Learn everything you need to know about Home Depot Equipment Rental in the guide we've prepared for you.

Types of equipment rental from Home Depot:

The Home Depot Equipment Rental Catalog contains the categories.

1. Cutting and concrete

For rental of cutting and concrete tools, you can visit your local Home Depot store and benefit from its large and diverse inventory. The chainsaw offered by Home Depot is only a small part of all available cutting and concrete equipment. The dealer supplies equipment for:

- Casting cement or concrete - bull floats, electric cement mixers or concrete vibrators;
- Concrete cutting machines - 12 ", 14", 16 "and 18" concrete saws;
- Saws - Plaster saws, table saws, saber saws, electric saws and more;
- Tile cutting tools - tile rolls, saws and blades.

2nd demolition

During demolition work, the tool rental offered by Home Depot will help you to carry out your work safely. Professional blasting requires professional tools like:

- Pneumatic hammers - Home Depot Equipment Rental offers PRO switches, switches and small switches;
- Demolition hammers - with 11 pounds, 20 pounds or 27 pounds and a simple hammer truck;
- Rotary hammers - 1 ", 1 ½" and 2 "varieties;
- General demolition equipment - compact wire strippers, wire strippers and 36 "bolt cutters.

How Choose Home A Depot Equipment Rental?

3. Fastening and welding

The variants of rental tools from Home Depot also include fixing and welding. Depending on the team you need for your project, you can choose between:

- Compressors - electric air compressor or gas air compressor;
- Nail nailer and nail gun rental - air nail nailer, air bottom nailer, manual nail nailer and 15.5 / 20 gauge air bottom stapler;
- Frame or nail finishers - Powder-driven tools, air-structure nailers, air-finishing nailers, multi-use coil nailers and more;
- Roof nailer - air reel roof nailer, Air Crown stapler;
- Welders or welders / generators.

4. Soil care and sanding

The Home Depot Floor Sander Rental Department also includes several appliances that you can use to maintain floors and carpets.

5. General construction

All power tool needs are met by renting Home Depot tools. In addition to the rental of tools, they also offer the rental of equipment, all for general construction purposes. The home rental department of the Home Depot rental center is the right place for this.

6. Big time

For the rental of heavy machinery Home Depot works with Compact Power Rent. This means that Home Depot Dolly Rental and other large Towable devices can be rented from Compact in certain Home Depot stores. The rental equipment for large projects varies depending on the type of project. You can rent

- Blowers and cleaning equipment - wheelbarrows, backpack blowers or blowers behind the cab;
- Excavation tools - Drills or trenchers of one or two men;
- Grass and lawn equipment - lawn mowers, bed frames, aerators, seeders, hydraulic rakes or lawn rollers;
- Breeders;
- Tree care tools - wood separators, hedge trimmers, shredders, chainsaws, electric trimmers or stump grinders;
- Cutting and trimming equipment - brush bristles, brush cutters, grass trimmers, lawn mowers, lawn trimmers or electric hedge trimmers.

7. Moving Services

Home Depot Equipment Rental offers:

- Loading ramps;
- Handcarts;
- Electric handcart;
- Paddle cats;
- Material lifts of 450 lbs.

8. Painting and walls

You can rent a tool for this purpose in Home Depot by visiting the "Paintings and Walls" section of your website. You fiend:

- Plasterboard and wallpaper equipment - Plasterboard sanders, plasterboard lifts, electrical wallpapering vapors;
- Paint spraying equipment;
- Texture sprayer.

How to use Home Depot equipment rental?

The Store Finder tool will also show every Home Depot location in your area. To know Home Depot's rental rates, you must contact the rental center individually to request a quote or request a quote.

Prices and offers for an average Home Depot award

One of the most requested information is the rental price of Home Depot Trucks in addition to Home Depot's rental rates. There is also a list of rental prices of Home Depot Trucks for each center. Contact the nearest Home Depot and ask for prices for your rental center. In addition, most Home Depot stores offer a printed price list at your location. As with truck rental, there is no universal price list for renting Home Depot tools. Many stores offer a price list of local rental centers, as well as home depot tool hire hours. To access the Home Depot Rental List for the nearest store, visit them directly or call your customer service.

Equipment rental at Home Depot

The ratings of Home Depot Equipment Rental are mostly positive. So far, we have not found anything that can be considered a minus point at Home Depot Equipment Rental Services.


We believe the Home Depot Equipment Rental offer is well developed and sustained.

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