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Indoor Swimming Pool Humidity Control with Dehumidifier Calculator

In the last article, we understand the need for a pool of dehumidifiers for the internal control of the moisture content of the association. In a short space, the problem of indoor moisture may cause mould, fungus, wood swelling, the stench of chlorine in the pool. The inner dehumidifier of the associates helps to remove moisture in the pool room, which is generated by the open water area of the swimming pools. The humidity received by the association is directly proportional to the surface area of the water and the temperature of the basin. The pool requires an effective dehumidifying unit to control moisture. In this article, we'll learn how to make inner glue with moisturizer, taking into account the real data, and we'll get to the appropriate internal calculations when this association is drained.

Data required to calculate the pool dehumidifier

dehumidifier calculator

As mentioned above, the ability to soften depends largely on the surface area of the basin and the temperature of the indoor water. In addition, additional factors, such as the size of swimming pools (residential, therapeutic, hotel or sporting) and indoor temperatures need to be considered. Now let's look at an example of a housing pool. The current level of internal humidity of the association is about 90%, and homeowners want it to be at a comfortable level. With regard to rooms and spa, it is assumed that the water drier inside the premises should reduce humidity to 60%. The pool size is 10 meters by 5 meters, which gives the surface area of the water 50 square meters. Air conditioning in a room that provides an ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. The maximum water temperature in the pool is not more than 30 degrees Celsius.

Formula for calculating the size of the air dehumidifier inside the rooms

dehumidifier calculator

In this case, we will use the internal calculator's calculator, taking into account all factors of influencing the dehumidifier capacity. The same formula can be used to calculate the capacity of the inner dryer in the association's living quarters and the commercial units. The formula for calculating the inner dehumidifier of an association as follows:

W= 15 x [Ax(Pw-Pa)Fa]

Where is:

W = evaporation coefficient in kg / hour or liter / h.

A = surface area of the water from the pool in square meters.

Pw = vapour pressure at the surface temperature of the water.

Pa = saturation pressure at the fourth dew point.

Fa = activity factor depends on the pool type.

To be able to grow the dehumidifier in the room, let it put values above the formula. Pool area We can get to the site. To find out what we need to consult we can detect its value corresponding to the water temperature in the pool. The PA value can be found. An appropriate PA value for ambient temperature may be found. The rate of activity depends on the number of people who use the room and their activity. Thus, the pool is in seven broad types where the number of people using the internal association varies and the activity rate is mentioned.

When we put the values of 8.81 litres per hour equal to 202 litres a day.

The same calculation may be used by the dehumidifier and the spa.

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