Saturday, March 4, 2017

Skylights: Why Go Green?

Why cover all your window? ~ Now, the window comprises approximately 20% of the surface of the outer wall of a house and discoveries allow box 20 times more heat flux as the window covering. Add window coverings also the style, color and practical solutions, such as privacy, sorting and filtering of light.

Environmentally friendly make difference window coverings. Curtains and blinds made of artificial materials may comprise PVC and petrochemicals. manufactured from synthetic materials curtains also contain dyes and treatments consisting of petrochemicals, formaldehyde and acids.

Some things to think "green" when your window coverings options:

  • Energy efficiency - how cold stay outside, and how much heat they possess, and vice versa in warm weather. honeycomb blinds, Roman blinds are blinds and real wood all good choices. Layering and their treatments with heavy fabrics and linings also help. It will extend the life of your furniture, flooring and carpets, to prevent direct sunlight able to save money and need to replace these items!

  • Plastic rolls and imitation wood containing PVC, which releases carcinogenic and can cause respiratory problems. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester can be treated with chemicals that can cause health problems and mental. PVC has been linked to numerous serious human ailments. Even conservative organizations, people started against products of vinyl / PVC warn.

  • Select renewable and sustainable materials. Look for certified wood from the Forest Stewardship Council. Bamboo grows quickly, but unfortunately the loose fabric from bamboo shade is not very energy efficient. Natural fabrics such as hemp, cotton, linen, Tencel and wool are some good choices. Avoid fabrics treated with chemicals and artificial coloring.

  • Enter. For local producers and suppliers Ensure that your treatments produced in sweatshop free environment, using fair labor practices. Longer roofs and windows are components, the greater the space required for the environment.

That some things to think "green" when your window coverings, keep our earth.!

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