Saturday, March 15, 2014

3 Tips for DIY Home Improvement

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Home improvement projects can be one of the most fun and rewarding activities for those who like the reinforcement around the House and come up with new ideas on how to make the spaces and places of life look better.

1. Get rid of clutter

Nothing makes a home feel smaller and unhappy that the presence of too much everywhere. This is neither good for the appearance of your home or to the health of all its occupants. Take a deep breath, the back of steel and fall these piles of magazines or the dusty figurines on the shelves of the living room.

Include carpets and curtains that are ruined hope, pieces of furniture that do nothing but give you bruises, toys and clothes that are developed and decorative elements that have served their purpose. You can feel the difference unbelievable in the improvement of habitat, once you have done a thorough job of sanitation!

2. Give a new Look of things

Tired of the boring green of the walls of your living room? Why not give them a makeover in waving a sponge or contrasting color on them? Transform your old sofa in an attractive focal point in buying or making a cover for it in interesting fabric. More about the DIY home improvement-switch on the top of the curtains of kitchen for something with a lively pattern. The buttons on chests of drawers and cabinets, light fixtures, rods curtains and bath mixer. Polishing furniture, lamps, mirrors and all surfaces and see how these data combine to make a whole new appearance.

3. Suggest a theme

East-this country you are looking for or Victorian? You prefer colors "BOLD" or an atmosphere more muted? Don't think this means that once you choose a room, yellow for everything yellow. Color contrasting and interesting patterns are part of the fun, as long as they contribute to the harmony of a zone.

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