Friday, December 13, 2013

Tips French Better Homes And Garden Services

If you bought a house in France and has decided that it is your holiday home that you need someone to take care of your garden between your visits to France. You should also remember that in Brittany or Normandy, the climate very favorable and your grass at a rate alarming due to precipitation especially Northern Britain in the Brest region will increase.

It's good to know that in France, you can usually buy a House with a spacious garden, remember if you are going to use it only for the holidays, and then, if necessary, for the implementation of rental when using it you must to the well-kept garden.

Hiring a gardener once or twice a year if you want to crop your jungle may seem like a COP-out, but it is a trap that too many people fall.

French Better Homes

Garden waste disposal. If you have decided to take care of your garden by yourself, you should know that it is not admissible to burn from your garden waste, if you live in the city center, so you should take it to your local waste collection centers. But if you hire a gardener, you can, of course, organizing with him on this subject. The case is slightly different if you live in the countryside. If you are caught, you will be more evil than him. Ask if you want to hire a gardener or garden services of a company always to their insurance and their serial numbers.

Usually, when the people prefer to buy a new home they want to the country, but one must forget that much of the country means a lot of work and cost. In addition, there are certain laws, which should know, it is advisable to check with your local Marie otherwise you can run into problems. For example, purple Thistles be carved on your property before a certain date, before they bloom. You can find yourself with a heavy fine if you do not remember.

Even if you have decided to take care of your garden by yourself, you can still help from time to time of the gardening services. You can find them in the local press or classified in the many French websites that offer services you need.

It is interesting to know that the weather in Brittany and Normandy very similar to the British once again, which means the same things is that you can grow in your garden à la française, in particular vegetables can be grown very easily.

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