Sunday, November 17, 2013

what does going green movement for you?

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What is the green movement for you?

What is the green movement for you? This may seem like a silly question, but it's a question I asked myself lately. An interesting experience I did was Google, the green movement for values and my hometown and see what happens. Here in Austin, Texas Austin's a Google search brings ' green movement ' an interesting array of results.

The first thing that appears is an article about a concert celebrating the green movement in Austin.

The sponsor of this concert was the collective green yellow bicycle, a local group that rites of cyclist and increasing ease of transit to bicycle around the city. They are a great organization and good things for the local community mountain biking here in Austin have done, but I don't know that they would be considered the quintessence of the Austin green movement in my mind.

Second on the list is Travis Count Green Party.

The green movement should not on the environment more than anything else? Many of their other key values are related to the environment, but are very vague about what exactly their position on important environmental issues.

At all, is someone who is trying to figure out what the green movement, Austin that about user would not get a very good picture of the first page of the search results on Google. They would definitely understand that there are different local groups support bicycle transportation and delivery to reduce emissions. They will also find the reactions of the real estate agents in the recent domestic energy-regulation put in place, which most is critical of the plan by the city to improve energy efficiency. In my opinion, the Austin environmental movement is more that these search results will tell you, and I don't jump on a short article that speaks of Austin, as a leader in the green building industry, but the fact that information is available online remains largely coincides with what I think when I think of of the green movement. This is a symptom of an ever-increasing ambiguity in the green movement, and this problem will worsen. With predictions for an upcoming "greenconomy" and pumped more money into anything that itself can change within the green movement of the day, the race is on to get hold of green goodness.

The green movement, whatever it is, is more and more. The Zeitgeist of the times is more respectful environment spirit than at any time in recent memory, and it shows. Let's not forget in the rush that the green movement on the environment.

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