Saturday, November 16, 2013

What does Going Green mean Really Cost?

go green


Get our eyes and our ears are flooded daily with products and suggestions that are geared toward more organic products that are better for the environment. In a recent article entitled ' the high price ' organic ' Gong ', there are some very interesting quotes.
Recent surveys show that American consumers are getting turned off by the organic hype for three reasons: price, skepticism and confusion. »
organic products will still sell for a premium very heavy, 50-100% more than other non-organic sources ... »
"The complaint n ° 1 in the past 5 years, is that organic products are expensive."

With this kind of numbers, one can see why the average consumer would be arrested by organic products for the mass of products, commercial offers. We are in a time where the costs rising faster that needs the buying public can follow. Even restaurants are cut parts to deal with the increase in the cost of raw materials ... in this case food.

For most families is hard, "going green" now do not work even possible without a change in the tariff structure.

There are ways to buy organic and natural products without breaking the Bank. At the time like this, we can look at the environment by examining the products we buy. "Going green" is an important concept that we look to our future. There are companies that this slogan is used as a slogan to increase business slow times? Of course, but as an educated consumer, you should look for products and services you count for your needs. Companies like nature Gate, Avalon Organics or Jason go the extra step to ensure that the "going green" is not just a another slogan, but a way of producing environmentally friendly products that will make you feel and look better Earth.

In a recent press release by Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs announced that Apple will make changes in the coming years to the more environmentally friendly products of the environment. In the meantime, during the current economic situation, we have to be smarter consumers by searching for our products and find the best deals. There are ways to buy products "going green" without emptying the wallet.

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