Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Care for Outdoor Teak Furniture

teak furniture

Keep your teak furniture attractive

Furniture made of teak got the wide acceptance and recognition between passionate wood and simple home owners because of its delicacy and natural beauty. Teak furniture also has oils, making it resistant to rot, bugs and weather conditions. Although it often will be fresh that you extra buck compared to the shelf of cedar, oak or Redwood furniture, teak furniture will certainly worth every penny you spent.

Of course, outdoor teak furniture consists of tropical hardwood rich honey-tinged. However, with time, with a permanent connection with the natural elements, teak loses her natural honey brown color and grey, polishing of the silver begins to look. Although there are varied in color, the robustness and resistance of teak furniture is not affected, in fact, are silver-grey varnish identifies good age teak furniture wood.

1. Place on protector teak.

To ensure that discriminatory Brown honey color of the right furniture outdoor teak, it is strongly recommended that you apply protective teak. Teak oil has again been a couple of weeks more for the preservation of the natural colour of teak furniture. Mold or maybe the irregular discoloration in your outdoor teak furniture can also be credited on submission teak oil.

Claimed the natural color of your teak furniture without using oil teak or teak protector by yourself outdoor teak furniture often takes 9 weeks, regarding the exposure of elements.

2. Make use of the cleaning solution.

All teak wood furniture should be washed completely after washing to get rid of deposits of the response and dirt.

Nowadays, teak, cleaning items can be easily bought in shops and supermarkets. These cleaners teak, regardless of how long your teak furniture can be stored outdoors, can recover the first honey brown color.

3. Avoid discoloration or paint.

Never, that's why you paint or fading your outdoor teak furniture is not a smart decision. Natural oil within your teak furniture prevents fresh paint or stain to stick to your teck. But when you're really into painting and discoloration are your teak furniture, it is best that you get expert consultants that will be proposed to cater for your teak furniture.

The beauty of your outdoor teak furniture, it is a natural oil that protects the teak, and as it is a hard wood, it is resistant to bending, swelling and shrinking. These characteristics make teak furniture very resistant to insects including bees, wasps, termites, etc. Without any smooth burglar, outdoor teak furniture looks incredibly beautiful with time. With care, your outdoor teak furniture almost last forever.

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