Friday, March 1, 2013

What is the best way to get your linen store

Towels, blankets, sheets, extra pillows and tablecloths, where these items are stored in your home? With storage, you'll be able to keep your collection clean cloth intact and well organized, so you always have the right part when you need it.

Storage Tips flax
If the machine is a natural fiber, it should be kept in a specific way, so it is not damaged by mold. Firstly, you should always wash bedding before storing. Always wash your bedding according to the manufacturer's instructions in order to them.

Of course, make sure your bedding is completely dry before putting them in storage. Bedding, even slightly damp creates an environment where mold will grow, especially if kept in a dark environment. If your bedding can not go in the dryer, you can dry them online on a hot sunny day until they are completely dry and free of moisture.

The next step is to gently fold your bedding. Not bend too tight, since pressure on the corners will lead to permanent creases. For this reason, the iron before storage is not necessarily a good idea. If you have large linen tablecloths, they are often best kept as they rolled. If you want your bed to look right, you can iron them again if you take them out to use them.

Your bedding should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Avoid leaving your clothes in a wooden box or cedar chest, as the smoke of acid yellow wood can be fabric or to weaken. When the litter in the control cabinet or closet, you need the heavier elements such as tablecloths and napkins place them on the top and bottom side, so that the smaller parts and cutest are not damaged or deformed.

Register your clothes in the right way will ensure that they are not damaged and they do not develop mold. With proper storage of your fine beddings will take many years to come.

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