Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to take care of your patio furniture sets and garden furniture

Basic rules for cleaning all patio furniture.

Whether you have a set of reed or wood, plastic or metal garden furniture possession, you can not go wrong with the cleaning routine basis as follows:

Use a soft brush to remove dust from surfaces often, with particular attention to the nooks and crannies, then rinse with water. But in the case of wicker furniture, keep the amount of water with which a minimum moisture tends to prevent damage to the fibers of the material.

If you want a cleaning solution to use on your patio furniture, make sure you use the softest variety and considerably diluted. 1/4th cup detergent solution mixed with a gallon of warm water is safe to use on all types of garden furniture. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning to remove all traces of the soap solution to remove with a clean, soft, lint-free drying.

Watch for signs of mold and mildew on your furniture set out, especially after a season of heavy rain. Rub or sand with a fine grain, but something for signs of mold spores and remove and make sure that you do not reuse cleaning.

Do not use harsh detergents or abrasives such as bleach and pine oil, your garden furniture. Scrubbing and dusting your furniture sets retain their dust and mold. You will also need to make your garden furniture looks empty to preserve and / or protect against the elements. Here are some tips:

Paint your wooden furniture made to protect against the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun, moisture and dirt. You can do this work yourself, nothing but sand or rub existing finish surfaces with a water-repellent preservative. The manual for all furniture contains instructions on how often you need to seal.

Use a silicone spray to the pads and run your entire patio furniture metal to keep running, turning and gliding smoothly.

You can use the touch-up paint from time to time on your metal patio furniture to hide the bald spots. Apply the paint in thin layers and make sure you let the paint dry between coats. If the normal cleaning above general if done regularly, will certainly keep your garden furniture sets like new for years.

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