Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 Items to Prevent Home to Green Living

Here is a short list of things to avoid and suggestions for alternatives.

1. Household chemicals. So many cleaning, pest and beauty products are chock full of dangerous chemicals are still easily available over the counter to our homes to invade. If these products are polysyllabic chemical names you can not pronounce, chances are that they should be avoided. Instead, clean your home with lemon juice and vinegar, use of natural products and environmentally friendly pest control, and not buy into the hype ridiculous one billion U.S. dollars anti-aging industry.

2. Dryer sheets. This seemingly innocuous items are packed any known carcinogen that you can imagine between anti-static, anti-adhesion and perfume additives crazy. Not only do they have harmful chemicals released into the air, but they cause a waxy build-up in the dryer increases the risk of fire. This is an excellent example of effective marketing, because at one point, the audience moved to perfume their clothes need.

3. Let coating on the plates. These synthetic coatings seep into our food during cooking, then we eat this food. If they burn themselves never say that a turn-on-the-stove-and-walk-out-to-get-the-phone-type situation, the coating may burn and emit fumes incredibly dangerous. Opt for ceramic coatings or just use a little olive oil in cooking.

4. Candles and "Products" Air. This brings us to the public need crazy artificial fragrances. An example is almost comical "treatments" carpet fabric you before vacuuming. It is used to the musty smell of the carpet dirty mask? The solution is to clean the carpet to right in the first place! Refresh or poison? Fresheners and plug caused fires.

5. Plastic food storage. Plastic is absolutely against nature. It's crazy, man-product not decompose and emit actually something that mimics estrogen. Many baby products are plastic and even during the Junior nibbling on a plastic toy or eating food stored in a plastic container, his mind in the most crucial stage of development can be affected by plastic. Use old mayonnaise jars, baby food jars, etc. where possible.

Stay away from synthetic poisons will do wonders for our long term health.

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