Sunday, March 10, 2013

3 important factors to consider in a good kitchen design

Building or remodeling the kitchen to taste a very personal matter and the amount of the basic principles of kitchen design, the owner or budding chef cook to help create a suitable and comfortable. While the budget and taste vary from one situation to another, choosing the right products for new kitchens will be reduced to three basic elements: cabinets and countertops, flooring and appliances.

Cabinets and Counter

So the kitchen is empty. There are four painted walls and nothing else in the room. The main purpose of a kitchen is the kitchen. To do this, both facilitate storage of tools and equipment and work area in which the use of these items. Because the majority of the kitchen is full of these elements, colors and materials are carefully chosen. The cabinets can be white, different shades of wood like maple or oak or painted colors. There are wooden cabinets, metal cabinets, see through glass doors and all kinds of handles and knobs to choose from when deciding how wardrobes should look like. Some companies are more traditional, while others have a more modern style. Cabinets are supplemented with worksheets come in all colors and materials. Often a stone such as granite or composite material manufactured or stain and cut is chosen. The choice of color is important and must be done carefully, because it is often the biggest splash of color in the kitchen.


Durable, easy to clean and attractive flooring is essential for good design. One can choose from various vinyl flooring, laminate, tiles, and a wide range of wood materials available in all colors as limitless as your imagination. Floors can also be poured concrete that is stained or painted, carpet, or even rubber.


Warm and comfortable, elegant and modern, industrial, retro or mixed to the cabinets, depending on the choice Vou do agree, there will be devices in each category. Most kitchens have fridges now with icemaker, stove, dishwasher and microwave. Adding devices like a convection oven, a trash can and a water dispenser can be significant additions in some kitchens.

Kitchen design begins with a budget and know its taste and ends with the selection of key elements that a room of an empty room can be transformed into a place of his own where food is prepared, meals are taken and Family and friends will be able to joy to collect.

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