Thursday, February 14, 2013

Simple Steps to Green Living

A clean and sustainable future is possible but we have a lot of things to change in our lives. The way we live is caused all these negative changes in the environment and the effects are terrible. Climate change, species extinction, carbon credits and pollution seem the words of a TV screen, but they are the facts, and we did everything ourselves with our reckless ways.

1. Get a bike
The bicycle is probably the most efficient transportation in creation. If life movement can fit your lifestyle, then this is certainly a step that you should consider. Paying for a brand new bike seem like a big investment at the time, but eventually will be repaid in saving money for gas and / or public transport. Not only that, but exercise - all forms of exercise contributes years to your life.

2. Tune up your car annually
It may seem expensive to completely tune the car, but it is actually a good investment ... and no one said that leading a green life easier - the right choice is always the hardest. To save money and actually save fuel this way. For example, a faulty oxygen sensor penalize your car three miles per gallon. Or dirty air filters and spark plugs can cost spent four miles per gallon. While you're watching, check the fuel cap too. A loose cap is necessary to ventilate the gas vapor, both you and the cost of two miles per gallon and polluting the atmosphere.

Not as aggressive driving is another way to save fuel. Remember to be careful to speed lights and rapid braking to prevent - always drive as fast as necessary. Even if your car starts reliably, with long red lights - which can run the engine instead of idling exaggerated make a big difference.

3. Save water
There are many ways to save water, just be creative. Replacing a showerhead old style with a new model takes about 15 minutes. Thus, not only to save water, but to save energy and because less heat is required. The advantages of these small changes are not small at all - statistics show that boilers account for about 22-25% of national energy consumption.

4. Unplug appliances and electronics inactivity
You probably think that your cell phone charger does not draw power, simply because the phone is not connected to it, but you're wrong. The TV must draw half the energy it needs when activated by just being plugged in. A home can save a good amount of money a year just by unplugging appliances and electronics obsolete.

5. Products to avoid
Another good way is to accept life lighter moderate their consumption. Avoid the use or recycle if possible.

- Tropical hardwood - is beautiful, luxurious and durable ... In addition, thousands of trees are cut down each year ... if not millions. Global demand has led to irresponsible harvesting of tropical trees, resulting in the destruction of nature and biodiversity.

- Excess packaged foods - You buy a box of cookies, filled with small packets of biscuits ... Well, that's unnecessary. Do not support these producers by buying their products.

- Paper towels, wipes, diapers - Sure, a disaster cleanup is easier with paper towels, but nothing prevents you from using an old cloth instead. The paper is actually recyclable when properly managed, but most is lost resulting in more trees cut new paper.

6. Choose green cleaning. The commercial cleaning products are well known for their negative effects on human health and the environment. Research shows that chemicals manufactured detergents found liable to various diseases, including cancer. Vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice - lots of household products that can be used to disinfect your home and you can forget all about commercial cleaners. If you do not have time to clean your home on your own, you can always ask for professional cleaning services. Companies like Barking cleaners use green products.

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