Sunday, February 3, 2013

Best ways to save energy in the home in 2013

If you have not been able to reduce its energy from last year, the beginning of 2013 this is the best time for you to plan on reducing energy consumption at home. Here are some of them:

Save Energy Make your number one priority

Before you go on the implementation of energy efficiency practices that you have read in some articles online, make sure that you are willing to stay dedicated and committed to such practices.

If energy efficient in everything you do

In everything we do this year, make sure you get the energy efficiency in mind. For example, if you have some old lamps that need replacing, you should replace them with energy-efficient lighting, in particular LEDs. If equipment is to be replaced, you should replace them with energy-efficient products. You can use these devices by looking for the Energy Star label Invest in a good programmable thermostat is an easy and efficient you can save energy at home.

Having a smart meter

Depending on where you live, you can directly use a smart meter from your energy supplier. By having a smart meter this year, will have an easier time keeping their energy and determination of the areas that you need to save energy.

Change energy supplier

Sometimes, even when you do everything possible to gas, water and electricity to reduce done, you are still welcomed by a very high energy bill at the end of each period. If this is the case, your best move is to switch energy suppliers. If you live in Australia, more than a dozen vendors that can change if you want cheap gas and electricity. There Origin, AGL, Integral and Alinta. Find the best provider for their energy needs in the country and reduce its power consumption to a significant amount.

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