Monday, February 11, 2013

2 main solutions Solar energy

Solar energy is always beyond the reach of many of our home and small business owners. The times ... they are a changing! There are two major solar solutions whose time has come. Recent reductions in the prices of photovoltaic panels have enabled almost all homeowners to the benefits of solar hot water and electricity to enjoy. A recent study published by the University of Queensland concluded that current models cost analysis for solar energy systems are too conservative. Models do not have new technologies and recent price reduction account. The study concluded that we are at a turning point in the solar power generation is as profitable as the traditional energy.

When analysts solar PV systems, the speed of the five key factors into account:

• Variable costs-current analysis does not take into account the 80 percent drop in the price of solar panels since 2008.

• Installation cost of the installation costs continue to decrease as competition increases and easy assembly.

• Maintenance Maintenance costs of solar panels are still very low.

• Interest Borrowing costs are at historically low levels. Leasing is a popular choice.

• Life-New research shows that only a.1 to.2 percent annual loss of annual production and the age of the systems. The analyst estimates as recently as 2010, predicted cost more than $ 7.60 per watt of installed capacity. There has never been a better time to consider installing a solar energy unit. So far, the debate in particular, energy generation, but equally good choice is solar hot water.

Research has shown that the most efficient method of solar energy by means of the thermal properties. Solar makes a very efficient boiler. Systems are available for any size of family or business. Direct and indirect water heating systems are available for the problems associated with the climate of a particular region to tackle. You should seriously think about buying and using a solar hot water system.

Occasionally we have the opportunity to make a change. If you are a small business or home owner could not afford a solar system, this is a good time to reconsider. Federal tax credits of 30 percent are available to everyone. Many states and local utilities also have programs for credit or refund. In some areas, a system can be installed at a 60 percent discount. This adds to the already low prices of photovoltaic panels. Two major solar solutions are excellent and are available at historically low prices.

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