Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tips and tricks on how to get rid of bees

Bees are very famous beautiful creatures of our environment, because they contribute to the pollination and the production of honey and beeswax. They bring balance and harmony in nature. In some countries, the larvae are eaten with rice. We see how the bees indeed important for our society.

Spring is a special time of year when flowers our gardens beautiful and fragrant. And it is in these times when we are embarrassed by the presence of bees. Their presence scares us a bit. Getting rid of bees must of course be done, but to disturbance in the balance of nature to avoid. To effectively use this, but spread generous amounts of cucumber peels around your garden. In addition to its power to the bees to keep your plants healthy eventually become since cucumber is a good natural fertilizer for plants.

• The bees are naturally attracted by the sweet smells. To avoid attracting them to remember you from putting on cologne or perfume solid perfume sprays and the use of deodorants.

• The smell of citronella keeps the bees away. You can buy citronella candles are scented. This makes bumblebees and avoid your garden.

• Garlic smell that bees are very unpleasant. Garlic powder can be applied in the form of dust around the location of the bees.

• Because bees are attracted by the beautiful, sweet perfumes, you can sugar water into a basin and use, leave it in your backyard. Fast enough to appeal to our bees from drowning in the water.

• You can actually attract bees by using a very sweet fruits like mango. This serves as powerful as bait you use a natural ingredient. Then the mango pieces in a paper bag and put away places of your home, in a place exactly where the bees go.

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