Monday, January 28, 2013

Roof leaks caused

If you own a home with an older roof, chances are at some point come home with water dripping from the roof, skylights, or accessories. Leaking roofs are a common problem for homeowners, and the old roof, the potential for increased spill alone. What are the most common causes of roof leaks? There are a number of reasons, your roof leaks, even if you are aware of regular maintenance. Then the four reasons for its roof may leak.

In more extreme climates, roofs have a much shorter life. Whatever the season, the weather affect your roof. Sun, rain, hail, ice, wind, snow, and we are all responsible for the degradation of the roofing, visors and paper dry exposition roofing shingles, wind can remove the tiles, and rain, ice and snow are obvious causes of roof leaks .

Combined wind and rain is another important factor contributing to leaky roofs. When the wind makes the rain fly in different directions, rain inside corner of the roof and roof damage, but also leaks. Moreover, the ice is particularly damaging roofs in northern climates. Ice build up in the eaves and can create what is known as an ice dam. Ice dams block drain causing icing on the flashing and roofing paper. Overflow ice and water can get into your house, and your house is much warmer than the outside ice melts and forms of leakage.

Blocked channels

Locked channels are another factor that often leads to roof leaks. Regular maintenance can prevent blocked channels is a problem preventing leaks. Waste collected in gutters not only increases the risk of damage to your roof, but also causes ice dams.

Poor construction

As is the case with any major home renovation or project, it is important to work with qualified and experienced professionals. Poor housing is a major cause of leaky roofs. Fixtures and leaks

Skylights, air conditioners, fireplaces, and other accessories that are not installed properly, are often a source of roof leaks.

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