Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quick tips for areas of your organization Messy House

Not only is it an ugly messy house, you spend more time trying to keep things as cleaning, and waste time looking for items when you need them. Furthermore, research shows that an organized home a sense of calm and reduces stress. Try these tips to help storage reduce clutter, save time and give some peace of mind.

Kitchen Cabinets

What inside the kitchen cabinets look like? Do they look like a puzzle where each piece fits perfectly in place? If your cabinets are not as organized as you want, try this strategy: For flat objects such as plates, bowls and cookie sheets using dividers (or use adjustable tie rods about cafe curtains to hang) Tray iron storage and vertical row. Install a sliding shelf organizer in the closet to have access to your pots and pans in an instant. Installing a lid organizer on the inside of your closet door gives you a space to hold all of your store Rebel caps.


Real estate is at a premium when it comes to the kits. Avoid products fall every time you open the door to remove unnecessary clutter. Only keep the items in your kit multiple times a day, as a toothbrush, toothpaste and wash your face. Divide the other bathroom products to the target (hair, makeup, etc.) in trays or baskets under your sink.

Linen Closet

By changing the sheets, the task of finding all the individual pieces that race is a big job in itself. Avoid the hassle of keeping the fixed blade packages pillow. Create a package of folded sheets together and all but one pillowcase and then putt the folded linen pillowcase remaining dapper suit her.

Keep daily towels, sheets and other bedding in the middle and lower shelves, and store infrequently used items such as tablecloths holiday, beach towels and extra blankets in the back or in the more difficult to shelves.

Space under your kitchen sink

The space under the sink can sometimes resemble the famous "junk drawer". Corral of detergents or sponges with a Lazy Susan. A Lazy Susan is a great way to keep all your cleaning products herein, to the bottle of window cleaner or all-purpose spray is just walk around. If you do not have enough space for a Lazy Susan, install a heavy hanging rail and aerosols over the bar from their nozzles. Install hooks (those with no sticky back trace) in the cabinet doors inside a place to hang tea towels. Economic use plastic containers to group by Category Cleaners - window cleaners, stain removers, carpet cleaners, etc.

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