Monday, January 28, 2013

Oak Furniture, A Brief History

As strong as oak. A statement that has lasted generations, the transition from the mouth of the workers of words in the ears of their children and their children's children. Oak is strong, the amount depends on what the oak However, using average oak has a density of about 0.75g/cm3 and it is very strong, but stronger materials out there, closer, hardwoods, heavy metals, why Oak associate with strength, solidarity, reliability?

Because some long statements with oak furniture is also passed from generation to generation. Oak tables, oak chairs, oak staircase, oak chests. Oak furniture is strong, durable and beautiful often, because this man has oak furniture used for building since the dawn of history, and probably beyond.

Review of Oak furniture, A Brief History

The man and his skills quickly developed for wood and oak furniture to manipulate quickly became a favorite for several reasons.

First, it was readily available, large deciduous parts of the northern hemisphere, including North America, Europe and northern Asia covers, these forests were filled with 500 different varieties of oaks, ranging from environments as diverse as the highlands of Mexico to the Himalayas.

Second, as mentioned above Oak is a hard and heavy wood with incredible strength and high tannin resistant to insects and diseases. Thirdly looks good, Oak has a nice tight grain that looks great when done with the furniture, especially when quarter sawn.

Traditional Oak has four main applications. As the man walked through the history and the development of oak furniture. The Vikings were especially fond of oak, using it to build, cabinets, tables and even their long boats in the 9th and 10th centuries.

During the Middle Ages, oak furniture became increasingly valued and respected and quarter sawn wood panels were used for prestigious buildings such as the House of Commons in London decor. Today oak wood is still used in the construction of oak furniture in the world still prized for its ruggedness and reliability.

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