Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to Use Ottomans Home Decor: 6 Uses for an ottoman

Using Ottomans in home decor is not new, and according to the Encyclopedia Britannica * (not Wikipedia) The ottoman has been around since the 18th century, when it was introduced to Europe from Turkey (the Ottoman Empire). Its origins are not relevant to the current use, which is like a stool or chair.

Some ottomans consist of a small padded seat standing on all fours, while others in the form of a padded box with a hinged lid - storage ottoman.

1. As the footrest ottoman

Many people love to stretch their legs when sitting. Whether you read a book, watch TV or just resting or sleeping, people want their feet and legs to rise. The biological effect is the pressure on the heart in pumping blood through the valves in the veins of the legs,

By keeping the legs, the heart has less work to do and therefore less energy, so you can relax easier. The top padded ottoman let you comfortably, and many use this type of furniture with his chair instead of the footrest that comes with the furniture.

2. Optional Seat

It is furnished in the form of a box or a chair with short legs and an upholstered ottoman can be used as a chair. Perhaps not as comfortable as an armchair, but enough seating option or alternative emergency at home during the holidays or when a group of friends descend upon you. It can be stored under the table and pulled out when needed - or rolled if your ottoman is equipped with wheels.

3. Ottomans Coffee Tables

Rather Ottomans made sturdy enough to be used as coffee tables - and not just in an emergency! Many use their coffee table ottoman point! Your ottoman is usually lower in height than the chair or sofa, and is perfect as a coffee table. Some ottomans have a shelf under the top that can be used to store magazines, so apart from the fact that they have more upholstered ottoman-table-like as!

4. Storage Ottoman

Storage Ottomans nearly aligned boxes with padded covers. For example, an ottoman used as a coffee table with a sofa bed and bedding for the sofa, if necessary as a store of bed. Can be used as a piano stool, storage and other sheet music.

They can be used in the nursery for toys games, computer or video and drivers, and in his bedroom as a comfortable seat to dress to keep bedding, pillows or sleepwear.

5. Decorative pieces

While the Ottomans are footrests, seating and storage, can also be used as accent pieces you choose a color inside and give you bright, vivid colors. Sound familiar? Ottomans can be used as side table for storing these ugly bits and pieces you need in your room, but I want hidden, and as extravagant furniture himself.

6. Kids Love Ottomans - and vice versa

Ottomans are for children - as a child falls off a stool that he or she is likely to suffer damage. Can be coated with child-friendly fabrics, and offer a level playing field when they sit on the floor. They can be used for television sitting with a game controller and an obstacle in the game room, or a horse while driving!

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