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How to make your pool cleaning

Procedures pool cleaning

There are some simple procedures that are efficient and save time that anyone can follow. Cover and cleaning cover

Remove waste as much as possible from the pool or spa deck and cover before removing. A quick inspection or hose can remove dirt from the pool. Otherwise, if you put in place will drag leaves, grass or dirt in the pool. If a larger amount of water engine is running, so you have to remove the water pump. Also beware of sharp or abrasive surfaces to avoid drag the pool deck.

Surface skimming

The dirt floating on the water surface is easier to remove than to remove soil. If dirt or foam on the surface generally apply a quick injection of soap tile the entire length of the pool. Tiling

Always do the tiles. If you remove stubborn stains with a pumice stone, pumice rubs himself while depositing debris on the bottom.

Use soap and brush to clean tile tiles tiles. Start the circulation system by way of the water. Clean the skimmer basket pool and empty the contents of the skimmer basket in the trash or garbage.

Then open the cover and clean. Check the filter pressure. There is no point in checking and cleaning the skimmer filter baskets, because if they are full of filter pressure will be low and again after cleaning the baskets. If the pressure is high, the filter can be cleaned.

Now check time clock to the time of day, setting of the filter runs daily cleaner clock setting. Vacuum

If the pool is not dirty, simply brush the sides and bottom, completely bypassing the vacuum. If the pool or spa is dirty, however, has two ways of cleaning: vacuuming the vacuum cleaner or the main sheet.

Vacuum filter

The dirt from the pool or spa is the filter of the circulatory system. If the bypass valve system for suction between the main pipe and skimmer, completely disconnect the main drain valve fully open valve skimmer. If two skimmers in the pool, near the skimmer inlet with a tennis ball, allowing the suction on the other. Slowly feed the hose down into the pool, the water will fill the hose and displace air. When the entire hose feeds the pool, no water on the other side.

To prevent water drainage hose of the water to keep sliding the hose through the opening and into the skimmer skimmer. Connect the hose to the deviation (with two-port skimmers, insert the hose cuff in the suction or skimmer). The suction port is on the side of the pool below the skimmer in older pools. For suction of the pool or spa, work your way around the bottom and sides of the pool. If the pool is dirty, vacuum slowly to the ground, choosing to move too quickly nozzle, dust are removed instead of sucking in a vacuum. If stinks strong suction to the suction surface of the pool, then you need the skimmer diverter valves or valves to adjust the current limit. If the pool is very dirty, strainer or filter must be filled. When suction is weak, stop vacuuming and empty the strainer basket or clean the filter.

If the group contains fine dirt and leaves, the leaves clog the filter basket. If the spa operates in the same circulation system, including the pool, simply lift the vacuum of the pool and placed directly in the spa. When finished, remove the water nozzle. The liquid is quickly pulling the water hose is therefore advisable to pull the suction head of the pool and the end of the suction hose of the skimmer hose while water and left in the deck.

After removing the pool equipment, check the pump and strainer. Clean if necessary. Replace the skimmer basket.

Empty master sheet

Master sheet instead of vacuum as the pool is full of sheets or other heavy debris, after which the fine dirt to settle and aspirate the filter.

Place the main blade in the pool. Shut off water and vacuum the pool bottom and walls. It is the water supply before the master pool sheet, loss of vacuum action back flushing wastes collected in the pool. When the master blade on the cover, shut off the water and clean the bag.


Brushing removes algae from surfaces of pools or spas. SPA and cleaning water

The steps for cleaning the pool will work equally well for the characteristics of spas and water. Vacuum the corners of water and small spa spa vacuum described above.

If water or surfaces are extremely dirty, as the water is very hard or cloudy, if the dirt is under stones and gravel, which can be very difficult to achieve, pumping water unit and thus cleaning.

Before cleaning the spa or water feature, clean the filter and let some fresh water (from a hose) through the circulation system of dirty water in the pipes to remove. Most spas and water containing a fraction of the amount of water in a pool, so they can not absorb a mistake the way a pool could.

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