Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to Make Your House maintained

A house worth depends on how people take care of it. This is why people perform maintenance tasks to help keep the house. Read on to know how home maintenance such as detection of water leaks, the beauty of your home to keep.

The value of a house depends on how you take care of him. Do maintenance tasks, such as detection of water leaks, could help save you from future problems. Here are some tasks you can do to keep your home:

Clean the filters

The system of heating, ventilation and air conditioning circulates air around your home. The air filters are not visible, so most people ignore. You should be checked regularly to prevent clogging.

Check for water leaks

Water leaks are the most common cause of mold. This increases the bill if you save water. There are two types of detection of water leakage:

- Passive Leak Detection - This is a battery-powered device that sounds an alarm when the moisture sensor gets wet. Be sure to examine the device is working properly. Make sure the battery is still in operation to avoid problems.

- Active Detection-This loss device works the same way of escape passive, but the difference is the water flow stops. The verification system of sealing single unit in a single device and water stop when it detects losses. The whole house system, however, sees losses in the house and turn the key to the house water supply. This device uses various sensors and sends signals using a radio signal or the wiring.

Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors can save your life in case of fire. This safety device is the most important tool you have in your home. Most smoke detectors work when the power is on, but have battery backup. Test the buttons once a month to ensure they are working properly.

Gutters and downspouts

You should look at the gutters and downspouts before the rainy season begins for the detection of water leaks. This is to prevent overflows, floods, and the roof leaks. Clean gutters and downspouts every week to remove unwanted objects and a free passage for the flow of water supply. Clogged gutters withstand the weight on the roof and can cause collapse.


The kitchen should be clean and free of dirty dishes at all times. A dirty kitchen is bacteria, which can pass on the food that you eat or tools used. Dirty dishes invite sores.

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