Friday, January 18, 2013

How to install kitchen cabinets

Cabinets are closed structures used for storing various materials. The kitchen cabinet is often used to create a sense of organization to be created, so its easy to clean kitchen and work. So how do you install a kitchen cabinet?

The materials needed are:

• Nails

• Glue

• Hinges

• Materials, preferably wood

• Clamps

• Ledger board

• Hammer or screw gun

It is necessary that the process is somewhat more depending on whether you want a basic installation or cabinet. Lower cabinets have been on the floor against the wall while the upper cabinets are mounted on the wall.

Installing base units

Installing base cabinets can be a very simple process, and not have to work against gravity. Here are some simple do it yourself steps you can take to ensure a stable base cabinet:

1. Start the assembly process in dry cabinet.

2. Draw a line on the wall showing the preferred cabinet height and then create a line yet.

3. Start building your wardrobe from the highest point.

4. First install the corner cabinet, with nails or screws. Repeat this process until all the cabinets installed.

Installing wall cabinets

You definitely need some help with this, because it works against gravity, so you need someone to cabinet materials during processing. Wall cabinets must be installed at least 54 to 56 inches of soil.

1. In the bottom of the cabinet Measure the desired distance from the ground level, and a horizontal line in the wall.

2. Place a Ledger table under this heading. This card will support the closets while working.

3. You can fasten the cabinets are equal and level.

4. Lift the cabinet without any of the equipment (doors and drawers) to the wall and nail or screw in. You need a stud finder used to mark the studs if using studs to screw in your closet.

5. Screw or nail on the top and bottom of the cabinet. Be sure to check the fit as you go, placing wedges that will help keep the wardrobe and the wall level.

6. Repeat this process for each unit until you have finished installing all wall cabinets.

7. Finally, close the drawer and cabinet hardware to the wall after finishing and clean your workplace.

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