Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to clean and seal your deck in five easy steps

Step one: Remove the cover

If your deck is like mine, which is an important part of summer in the family scene. The first step is to clear the grid of all covered products.

Step two: Clean the cover and remove the cracks

Clean debris such as leaves and dirt. Pay special attention to the spaces between the planks. This eventually can rot the boards. Use a spatula to clean the cracks.

Step three: scrub the wood

There are several products on the market to cover cleaning. Cut in half bleach with hot water. Use a brush and apply evenly. I would not recommend using undiluted bleach. Note that some detergents, along with chlorine can damage your garden. Shrubs and plants may be protected by coating with plastic in contact with the cleaning solution.

If it is a large area you can rent or buy a pressure washer. Apply the cleaning solution and soak before washing. Be careful not to remove the nozzle from the pressure washer too close to the wood, as it can show scratches or damage to the wood. Rubber gloves to protect your hands from chemicals and eye protection if you choose to use a print worker.

Step four: the deck to dry skin

This is an important part of the process. Sealing cover while wet can retain moisture in the wood of forests greatly reduced life expectancy.

Step Five: Apply stain or sealer

In order to apply the sealant, buy a foam roller. Check the entire roof surface with sealant. Make sure the bottom of the safety rails and slats cover. This can protect "absorption" of snowdrifts water or puddles or water seeps into the cracks. Cleaning and sealing your deck will add many years of service. Have a great summer.

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