Thursday, January 17, 2013

As some industrial degreasing solvents threatening user security

When companies make washing and professional washing machine parts, industrial solvents used for degreasing. These chemicals may be sprayed, cleaning, brushing, or directly on the surface of a machine part or machine for the removal of dust, dirt and grease. These degreasers are beneficial because they extend the life of a machine by removing contaminants, but companies should be aware that some solvents can be dangerous for employees working with them. If companies are not careful, are chemicals used not only employees exposed to toxic substances, but also harmful to the environment. Below are some of the most dangerous substances often found in industrial degreasing solvents, and how these chemicals affect workers after exposure.

Hazardous air pollutants (HAPs)

When degreasing containing PAHs are used, harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Companies can a list of free PAHs Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to get and use this list to the industrial degreasing solvents to evaluate the market. For a thorough investigation to be carried out, companies save money by avoiding costly workers' compensation claims and insurance jumps in prices.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

The EPA also focuses heavily on the use of VOC cleaners. Although VOCs are safe if inhaled or consumed in small doses, are people who are exposed to high levels of volatile organic compounds putting their health at risk. High VOC exposure may cause nausea, headache, liver damage, kidney damage, and even a nervous system shutdown. Companies should evaluate the concentrations of VOCs industrial degreasing solvents are available before you place an order.

It has a low fire risk and a low level of toxicity, but may lead to employees who come into contact with this chemical to dizziness and dry skin.


Acetone is found in many industrial degreasing solvents, but companies should be aware that it is an extreme fire hazard. People who are regularly exposed to this chemical experience headache, dry skin and eyes, nose or throat.

Isopropyl alcohol

This common ingredient in degreasing is another substance that is harmful to employees who complete cleaning of parts. Mentioned above are just some of the harmful chemicals in products and industrial degreasing solvents.

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