Monday, January 7, 2013

5 simple ways to make your lithium ion batteries last longer

From this moment, the lithium batteries offer the best cordless power tools in the business. Period. Even better than the alternatives, however, these batteries are also very demanding. - Indication of the next tips into your routine to keep your batteries work better for longer.

1. Often used batteries
All power tools batteries over time and lithium ion batteries degrade faster downtime.

2. The battery is not fully discharged
As a general rule, always have to charge lithium batteries before they fall below 20% full or immediately after experiencing a decline in the performance of the tool.

3. Recharge your batteries often
Frequent charging is good for lithium-ion batteries. So feel free of charge, even if just a little exhausted. You can also "fill in" the batteries as plopping them (and on) the charger for a few minutes a month. Although you do not have to Li-ion batteries are fully charged to save, so some juice during sleep can keep feeling good and strong.

4. Keep them cool and dry
Save and recharge your batteries in a cool, dry and mild. While Li-ion prefer fresh, certainly do not want to be cold (or hot). Extreme temperatures damage or destroy the chemical structure of these batteries, so do not let it freeze or cook in the elements, keep them cool and dry, and always between 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Buy new batteries
When it is time for a new lithium-ion battery to buy, be sure to get one that is new (as in the recently produced) buy. Like the fruit has a shelf life, so do the batteries as you want to buy fresh produce, you may also want to invest in "fresh" lithium ion cells. Check the date code on the battery or on the packaging to ensure that you are not a costume that is humiliating for a year on a shelf purchase.

Respect your stuff and in return will enjoy very good results.

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