Saturday, January 12, 2013

3 Common Problems in hydroponic gardening

Nowadays more and more people are discovering the benefits of growing your hydroponic garden.

1. Alga

Algae are often green, but can also be brown, black or red. They cling to gullies, channels or pumps or thrive in humid environments. Severe growth of algae may seal the surface of a growing medium or substrate.

Apart from the unsightly and smelly, algae of the nutrients for plants are considered. Moreover, when they bloom, die and decompose, they take the dissolved oxygen content of the hydroponic system. This can lead to plant roots sewing lack of oxygen. As they decompose, but also toxic substances are released, that enable plant pathogenic fungi to grow and multiply.

Algae growth is a natural consequence of exposure to a nutrient solution to light. At the close of light, algae can not grow. Therefore, for the growth of algae in their garden indoor hydroponic to prevent light must be prevented from entering into the nutrient solution. Producers use light-proof material to cover channels and gullies.

Media beds can also be protected with a plastic film or a substrate layer developed as a dry mulch. If thick algae growth, the better cleaning of the entire production system after harvest.

2. Fungus gnats

Sciarids weaken the root system of plants. Their wives often small eggs on wet paper. The resulting larvae cause damage to the root system of plants. Feed on plant tissues and are small cuttings or seedlings.

To prevent mosquitoes from harmful plants, most breeders put screens on doors and vents. This reduces the moisture content of the media and the presence of organic residues. The surface of the media or the surface to dry between watering programs. If you have a growing media buying, check if the growth of mosquito larvae.

3. Bacteria and fungi

Bacteria are the most common cause of outbreaks of fungal patios. Mold grows when there is high humidity. If an outbreak of fungi, plants eliminate all mold and turn them into compost.

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